Nokia 2255: Compact fold

Nokia 2255: Compact fold at a compact price
Nokia's latest fold-style CDMA model phone, the Nokia 2255 is engineered to deliver reliable wireless performance at an entry-level price point while not forgetting the importance of a compelling design and a strong feature set. The very compact Nokia 2255 includes a bright 128 x 128 pixel 64K color display with user selectable 'themes', downloadable MIDI ringtones and even an integrated FM radio.

For maximum productivity, the Nokia 2255 features business applications including a spreadsheet, calculator and currency converter and a handsfree speakerphone perfect for impromptu conference calls. Outside of work, three included games help to pass the time, while a built in flashlight can help to brighten up the dark of night.

The Nokia 2255 is the third handset from the latest announced yesterday at Nokia Connection 2005 to support CDMA technology. CDMA brings the mobile experience to hard-to-reach places and is vital especially in Australia's broad outback. Farmers in the extremities of our country have access to everything an inner-city mobile user would have access too thanks to CDMA. Nokia make the experience even more enjoyable by offering CDMA-supported handsets which have all the features you find in the GSM handsets.

The Nokia 2255 is a clam-shell entry-level CDMA handset, which if not for the external stub antenna would hardly look like a mobile phone at all. There is only one display on this CDMA model, the internal display. Sadly a LED indicator light did not make the Nokia 2255's cut either. You'll have to open the 2255 if you wish to find out if you have a message waiting, find out the time, battery status or any other indicator that usually an external display takes care of on a clam-shell.

That said, the internal display on the CDMA 2255 is definitely worth a mention, at 128 x 128 pixels it's not that big, but does aid in keeping the size of the handset down to a minimum. The display has support for 65,536 colours within the 128 x 128 pixel boundary. User selectable "themes" (as Nokia put it) come pre-installed.

Supporting 24-chord polyphonic ring tones, the Nokia 2255 has a dedicated speaker for just that. A hands free speakerphone is used for... guess! Hands free conversations of course. An integrated FM radio will keep you occupied - there are Java games too! Four come installed by default; Cricket, Soccer, Snake Xenziaand, and Stair Ball.

A set of business based applications are included to increase productivity of the 2255. Support for opening spreadsheets, a currency converter, and calculator applications are just some of these business applications, A set of PIM applications (organizer, etc) also come with the 2255. The phonebook has multi-entry capability and can hold up to 200 contacts.

The 970mAh battery keeps the 2255 handset up and running for around 7½ days standby time and ~3.5hours talk time on a single charge. At 83grams and 80.8 mm x 42.9 mm x 22.1 mm you won't even notice the 2255 in your pocket. The CDMA 1x 800MHz network is utilized by the 2255. We'll have the 2255 just in time for the end of the year.


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