Difficult Problem Solutions

Problem 1:
Your Name: pasha quadri
Your Email Address: sqpashaquadri@rediffmail.com
Subject: i mate jama 101 startup problem
Message: when i start my cell i am getting this message 8052031.2.3p08023

Reinstall the os will work. or,
Try to hard reset by pressing power off button along with (-ve) volume key.
i-Mate mobile needs reset of this mobile.
*Be aware to reset your mobile. It will clear your all contact number saved on your mobile memory.

Problem 2:

Your Name: Hardeep
Your Email Address: spears_stud@yahoo.com
Subject: refreshing problem
Message: my cell keeps refreshing inbetween the functioning of the cell.....it displays refreshing SIM ....

kindly solve the querry as soon as possible

You need to reset your mobile. It will work or reinstall mobile software.
Next time please mention your mobile brand.

Problem 3:
Your Name: bhobho
Your Email Address: ziombi@yahoo.co.uk
Subject: forgot security code:6111
Message: nokia 6111

imei 353657016778219.too many people at work now have access to my phone messages.need to put it back again
Please follow these steps :
Go to message option then set default your message options.
or, Get your bluetooth option switched off. Then Set default your Connection Settings.
Problem 4:
Your Name: Prasanth
Your Email Address: prachu2net@gmail.com
Subject: vodafone gprs hacking in sony ericsson k790i
Message: I will sent me the trick of getting free gprs on vodafone with sony ercssion k790i handset...
plzzz.. sent me if u know it....

Vodafone gprs hacking in sony ericsson k790i.Sony Ericsson Handsets
To get free gprs settings sent to your phone for airtel,hutch,bsnl or any other service provide
l.Sony Ericsson Handsets Click here.

Problem 5:

Your Name: pradipta saha
Your Email Address: pradipta003@gmail.com
Subject: imei no.
Message: my j150s imei no is 352695020168911 plz send me the unlock code & there is some problem while playing the songs from the memory card actually the songs are not playing fully 30-40 seconds before completion it stops how can i get rid of it.

This is common problem for all mobile user.I could solve your second question.
Remove your media player from mobile application then reinstall it.
You have to be careful about convert your songs correctly.
Then try again. Hope it will work.


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