Nokia N97 With 5 megapixel camera and 20 GB internal memory!!!

Nokia N97 20GB


Here is new Nokia N97 and latest mobile technology revolution with Nokia.This mobile has 5 megapixel camera and 20 GB internal memory.Its a huge memory for a multimedia cell phone.This picture emerged on the internet and it's is rumored.We don't know if it's real or someone's having a little fun with Photo shop.It has hi-tech features including a huge 3” display with 16 million colours, high definition 5 mega pixel camera combined with flash, auto focus and 20x digital zoom, Bluetooth and EDGE. Nokia N97 integrates MP3 player and FM radio with superb 3D stereo sound technology to provide you a wonderful mobile musical experience.Have you ever seen a combination of a mobile phone,laptop and digital camera? Surely the answer is going to be a no. But get prepared to be awe-struck when you see one for real. Yes, the Nokia N97 is coming up for real. It will combine all those features.
I am talking about Nokia N97 short feature.Now see this short feature and compare other phone.

# 20 GB internal memory
# dedicated music keys
# 3D stereo speakers
# 3.2 megapixel camera, flash, AF
# 2.4x optical zoom
# 20x digital zoom
# 15 fps video recording
# 3" screen, 16M colors
# FM Radio
# miniSD slot
# 400+ hour standby time
# 4+ hour talk time
# 24+ hour music playback (earphones)
# 6+ hour music playback (speakers)

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Diagram:nokia N97

Unlocking:How to unlock Nokia cell phone??

User Comments:

Donald:If it was legit though, it'd probably be 900/1800/1900/2100 knowing my luck.

Mopex:I haven't touch an actual and the much-talked about N95 but I see it on papers that this is powerful. If this is true as well that N97 is coming around the corner then this must be the real muitimedia computer. Wait is this the worked of a photoshop artist?

Tihana:poor camera! uhhh!!! not good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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