Indian Mobile Phone Price Update November 2011

Latest Mobile Phone Prices List-November 2011

HTC Rhyme Android Smartphone – Rs.24800
Nokia Windows Phone – Nokia Lumia 710 – Rs.18,000
Samsung Galaxy Nexus – Rs.33500
Nokia 603 Symbian Belle – Rs.14000
Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray – Rs.19500
Samsung Galaxy Note with 5.3 inch Display – Rs 30000
Samsung Galaxy S II – Rs.29500
Micromax A70 Price Rs.7999
Micromax Andro A60 – Rs.6,410
Micromax A55 – Rs.8,654

Coming Soon Mobiles November 2011

Nokia Astound – Rs.20,000
Sony Ericsson Txt Pro – Rs.7,500
Dell XCD35 – Rs.8,550
Dell Streak – Rs.25,000
Samsung C3322 Metro Duos – Rs.3,650
Samsung Gravity SMART – Rs.13,999
Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini – Rs.13,200
Motorola Milestone 2 – Rs.30,000
HTC EVO 3D SHOOTER – Rs.36,000
HTC DROID Incredible 2 – Rs.25,000
Blackberry 9810 Torch – Rs.29,990
Blackberry 9900 Bold – Rs.32,000
Nokia Astound – Rs.20,000
HTC 7 Pro – Rs.29,000
LG Thrill 4G – Rs.30,000

Nokia Mobiles Price List-November 2011

Nokia 701 – Rs.16,690
Nokia 500 Fate – Rs.9,490
Nokia C2-03 – Rs.4,400
Nokia C2-02 -Rs.3,930
Nokia N8 – Rs.21,350
Nokia X2 – Rs. 4,250
Nokia X2-01+ 2GB Card – Rs.3,663
Nokia X3 – Rs. 6445
Nokia X3-02 – Rs.7596
Nokia X5-01 – Rs. 8654
Nokia X6-16GB – Rs. 15048
Nokia X6-8gb – Rs. 13,654
Nokia X7 – Rs.20,500
Nokia C1 – Rs.1,250
Nokia C1-01+ 2GB Card – Rs.2,394
Nokia C1-02 + 2GB Card – Rs. 2,308
Nokia C2-01 + 2GB Card – Rs. 4,096
Nokia C3 – Rs.5,673
Nokia C3-01 – Rs.7890
Nokia C5 – Rs.7212
Nokia C5-03 – Rs.8,365
Nokia C6-01 – Rs.13,375
Nokia C6 – Rs.11,779
Nokia C7 – Rs.16290
Nokia E5 – Rs.8846
Nokia E6 – Rs.15690
Nokia E7 – Rs.24940
Nokia 1280 – Rs.1072
Nokia 1661,1662 – Rs.1,400
Nokia 1800 – Rs.1,370
Nokia 1616 – Rs.1,200
Nokia 2690 – Rs.2500
Nokia 2700C – Rs.3,337
Nokia 2330 – Rs. 2,404
Nokia 2730 CLASSIC – Rs.3,990
Nokia N97 mini – Rs.17788
Nokia N900 – Rs.24,327
Nokia 3710 – Rs.7,019
Nokia 5250 – Rs. 7,500
Nokia 5130 XpressMusic – Rs.3,779
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic – Rs.13490
Nokia 5235 – Rs 8,461
Nokia 5233 – Rs 5,769
Nokia 5235 – Rs 8,461
Nokia 5230 – Rs.7,106
Nokia 5530 XpressMusic – Rs.9,375
Nokia 6303i Classic – Rs.5950
Nokia 6760 Slide – Rs.15000
Nokia 6700 Classic – Rs.11300
Nokia 6710 Slide – Rs.20000
Nokia 7230 – Rs.5,769
Nokia E52 – Rs.10385
Nokia E55 – Rs.18,000
Nokia E63 – Rs 7,750
Nokia E71 – Rs.12750
Nokia E72 – Rs.14800
Nokia E75 – Rs.9615

Samsung Mobiles Price List-November 2011
Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace – Rs.12950
Samsung Chat 527 – Rs.4,990
Samsung Galaxy 3 – Rs.8,590
Samsung E2222 Chat 222 – Rs.3,221
Samsung C5212-Rs.3,894
Samsung S5233-Rs.5,769
Samsung S3310-Rs.3,750
Samsung C3010-2,500
Samsung C3212-Rs.2,933
Samsung B5722-Rs.7,115
Samsung E2130-Rs.2,212
Samsung S3370-Rs.4,808
Samsung C3200 – Rs.3,606
Samsung I5503 Galaxy5-Rs.8,654
Samsung I5801 Galaxy3-Rs.11,538
Samsung E1225-Rs.1,346
Samsung B7722 Star Duos-Rs.10,048
Samsung S7233 Wave 723-Rs.10,817
Samsung S5253 Wave 525-Rs.5,560
Samsung E1172-Rs.1,250
Samsung S3653 Corby + Bluetooth-Rs.6,394
Samsung C3222 CHAT322-Rs.3,990
Samsung C3530 Metro-Rs.4,135
Samsung S8530 Wave II- Rs.15,385
Samsung E2152 M-Rs.2,644
Samsung S3653 IKS- Rs.5,000
Samsung S5333 Wave 533-Rs.7,308
Samsung E1252-Rs.1,663
Samsung E1175- Rs.1,250
Samsung I5510 Galaxy 551-Rs.12,548
Samsung S5753 Wave 575-Rs.8,413
Samsung C3353 Chat 335-Rs.5,048
Samsung C3630-Rs.2,452
Samsung S5263 Star II-Rs.5,769
Samsung Galaxy S 4G-Rs.24,000
Samsung S5570 Galaxy Pop-Rs.7,777
Samsung S5660 Galaxy Gio-Rs.14,300(Approx)
Samsung S5670 Galaxy Fit-Rs.9,950
Samsung I9003 Galaxy S 4GB- Rs.16,615 (Samsung i9003 Galaxy SLCD )
Samsung Chat 350-Rs.15,000
Samsung I9023 Nexus-Rs.26,635
Samsung S5253 Wave525 Without Memory Card-Rs.6,587
Samsung S5333 Wave533 Without Memory Card-Rs.7,019
Samsung B7510 Galaxy Pro-Rs.9,808
Samsung E2652 Champ Duos-Rs.4,279
Samsung E3210-Rs.2,884
Samsung S3850 Corby II-Rs.5,481
Samsung S3310 Without Memory Card-Rs.3,548
Samsung B7722 Star Duos Without Mamory Card-Rs.9,808
Samsung S5620 Monte Without Memory Card-Rs.7,500
Samsung C3530 Metro Without Memory Card-Rs.3,923
Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab With Diary Case-Rs.25,481
Samsung C3222 Chat322 Without Memory Card-Rs.3,750
Samsung C3212 + 2GB Memory Card-Rs.3,183
Samsung E2230 HERO + 2GB Memory Card-Rs.2,221
Samsung E2652 Champ Duos + 2GB Memory Card-Rs.4,530
Samsung E3210 + 2GB Memory Card-Rs.3,134
Samsung E3213 + 2GB Memory Card-Rs.3,587
Samsung I9001 Galaxy S Plus-Rs.28,000(Approx)
Samsung Google Nexus S 4G-Rs.28,000(Approx)
Samsung S8530 Wave II Without Memory Card-Rs.15,096
Samsung C3200 Without Memory Card- Rs.3,413
Samsung C3560-Rs.4,231

Sony Ericsson Price List in India – November 2011
Sony Ericsson Xperia W8 With Speaker – Rs.9,400
Sony Ericsson Fengli Txt Pro CK15i Rs.6,990
Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc – Rs.23,790
Sony Ericsson W902–Rs.19,231 (Approx)
Sony Ericsson W715–Rs.15,000(Approx)
Sony Ericsson T707- Rs.15,000(Approx)
Sony Ericsson Elm-MRP : Rs.7,692
Sony Ericsson Hazel–Rs.8,654
Sony ericsson XPERIA X10 mini–Rs.9,615
Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 mini pro–Rs.11990
Sony Ericsson Zylo- Rs.5999
Sony Ericsson Spiro–Rs.4,450
Sony Ericsson X8–Rs.11,154
Sony Ericsson Cedar–Rs.4,099
Sony Ericsson Yendo–Rs.5,145
Sony Ericsson XPERIA PLAY– Rs.29,808
Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro–Rs.15500
Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini–Rs.15,000

Blackberry (Research in Motion) Mobiles Price List November 2011
Blackberry Torch 9860 – Rs.26,790
Blackberry Curve 9360 – Rs.18,690
Blackberry Torch 9810 – Rs.29,990
Blackberry Bold 4 9900 – Rs.31,500
Blackberry Torch 9800 – Rs.23,790
Blackberry Bold 9780 – Rs.21,362
Blackberry Curve 3G 9300 – Rs.13,499
Blackberry Pearl 3G 9100 – Rs.11,499
Blackberry Curve 8520 – Rs.9,600
Motorola Mobiles Price List-November 2011
Motorola Fire- Rs.8,999
Motorola Gleam EX-212- Rs.4,599
Motorola Defy- Rs.15,399
Motorola Charm- Rs.6,999
Motorola Milestone- Rs.19,786

LG Mobiles Price List-November 2011
LG Optimus Pro C660- Rs.9,990
LG Optimus Black P970- Rs.18,990
LG Optimus 2X- Rs.25,449
LG Optimus One P500- Rs.10,299
LG Cookie Fresh- Rs.4,190
LG P970 – Rs.19,950
LG GS190–Rs.1,923
LG GD510 Cookie pep + Bluetooth–Rs.6,731
LG Gu220–Rs.2,885
LG GS155–Rs.1,779
LG GS290 Cookie Fresh–Rs.5,192
LG GX300–Rs.4,904
LG GT540 Optimus–Rs.8,173
LG GS108–Rs.1,202
LG T300 COOKIE JOY–Rs.3,462
LG C105–Rs.2,380
LG P500 THUNDER–Rs.10,096
LG S310–Rs.3,606
LG C320 InTouch Lady–Rs.6,999
LG E900 Optimus 7–Rs.25,000
LG A165–Rs.2,452
LG GX200 Combo Offer–Rs.3,558
LG GD510 Cookie pep–Rs.4,808
LG GD350 + Bluetooth–Rs.5,000
LG GT350 Cookie Glide +–s.6,923–Rs.4,712
LG P350 Optimus Me–Rs.7,788
LG P520–Rs.7,019
LG T310–Rs.5,096
LG T325–Rs.6,250
LG P990 Optimus 2X–Rs.25,481
LG Thrill 4G–Rs.30,000 (Approx)
LG T300 COOKIE JOY+2GB Memory Card–Rs.3,712
LG Optimus Pad–Rs.25,000
LG Optimus Black P970–Rs.20,000
Micromax Mobiles Price List November 2011
Micromax X11i – Rs.1,250
Micromax X285 – Rs.2,163
Micromax Andro A60 – Rs. 6699
Micromax A55 BLING2–Rs.8570
Micromax X550 CUBE–Rs.4456
Micromax X600–Rs.3961
Micromax Q75–Rs.3950
Micromax Q7–Rs.3950
Micromax Q5–Rs.3620
Micromax C350–Rs.3499
Micromax X510–Rs.3300
Micromax GC360–Rs.2999
Micromax G4-Rs.2749
Micromax X226–Rs.1999
Micromax X1I–Rs.1729
Micromax Q1 PLUS–Rs.1650
Micromax Q1–Rs.1428
Micromax C112–Rs.1201

HTC Smartphone Mobiles Price List November 2011
HTC Evo 3D – Rs.35,000
HTC Salsa – Rs.15,100
HTC ChaCha – Rs.14,999
HTC Sensation – Rs.29,599
HTC Wildfire S – Rs.13,600
HTC Flyer – Rs.36,900
HTC Incredible S – Rs.24,350
HTC Desire S – Rs.21,799
HTC HD7 – Rs.28,290
HTC Wildfire – Rs.10,499
HTC A3333 Wildfire–Rs.11,635
HTC A9191 Desire HD–Rs.26,923
HTC S710E–Rs.26,442
HTC DROID Incredible 2–Rs.25,000

Apple Mobiles Price List November 2011
Apple iPhone 4S 2011 (32GB) Rs 42000
Apple iPhone 4 (32GB) Rs 42000
Apple iPhone 3G (16GB) Rs.33972
Apple iPhone 3GS (32GB) Rs 39,903


  1. Thomaschrishan said...:

    This is a very good hendset as compare to the other company handset.

    LG S310–Rs.3,606
    LG C320 InTouch Lady–Rs.6,999
    LG E900 Optimus 7–Rs.25,000
    LG A165–Rs.2,452
    LG GX200 Combo Offer–Rs.3,558


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