HTC Mozart Review

Latest Mobile HTC Mozart

Latest Mobile HTC Mozart

HTC Mozart has two main outlets: the sound quality and high resolution camera. Then these two additional services doing enough to distinguish it from the crowd?

Physically, this is a sleek looking phone. Sporting a solid brushed aluminum and a lot of premium features, is probably one of the more interesting smartphone today. The screen is 3.7 inch capacitive touch screen, which operates the bright, sharp and a good touch response.In fact, the phone, the HTC Mozart makes for great call quality, clear sound and very little distortion. These end reported the same positive response. Speakerphone was the large amount of back-up and it seemed clear, just a hint of a dull sound. Expects to receive about 7 hours of talk time on battery 1300 mAh.

Note that this phone is designed for European and Asian markets, so no U.S. support 3G bands (if you plan to do one from abroad). As for the platform, is a review of Windows Mobile 7 should idea of how the software part of the equation does.The sound quality is one of the most important features here and reinforcing for the purpose. Dolby and SRS Mobile to improve the sound, this is a great phone audiophile - if you use headphones or a good fresh set of external speakers (on the phone itself is good, but not too weird).

Mozart HTC get all the usual smartphone also supports instant messaging and basic, where a variety of options and all standard interfaces (WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, aGPS). What camera, 8.0 megapixel shooter comes with Xenon flash, 720p video recording and editing in different contexts. Unfortunately, the picture quality is not as big as some of the best high-resolution camera phone we've seen, such as Sony Ericsson and Nokia. It 's good - but probably not as good as expected.Despite the camera-less than impressive HTC Mozart remains a great phone. Price might be a bit limited, however - Amazon for about $ 600 unlocked.


  1. All features are amazing specially its sound quality. According to the features of Mobile price is right and people should attract to it.

  1. Prisur said...:

    What are the data rates supported by this phone? GSM Module

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