Free GP Internet using Opera Mini

Opera Mini Modified Version allows you to use internet without any cost from your mobile. While this trick is using for many days in Philippine, Indonesia and India for many years. I posted about this Opera Mini tricks before. But, today I am giving this tricks for Bangladeshi Grameen Phone (GP Internet) users.

Download This Opera Mini Modified Version .(Supported in Java Enabled Handsets)
Then Install This Software in Your Device.
Next, You have to Configure the Settings:

(1) Custom- Select "slipperz1"

(2) Modify Trick- Write

(3)Now Ok and Save Config.

Browse and Enjoy Free Internet. Don't Forget to Give Me Feedback.
Update info: 
GP Server address is not changed yet. It's now allowed in P2 package only. Activate GP Internet P2 Package and keep your balance at Zero Taka to avoid losing money.


  1. murgi89.6 said...:

    i cant d0 it. I have 0pera mini but h0w can i setting. Help me plz.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Thank u vaia...
    Trick ta share korar jonno many many thanks...

    --->Tuski Crypter

  1. Anonymous said...:

    can you mention an other server? gp perhaps banned this server and so, we are now unable to use it

  1. ipad 2 is the best brand of apple.

  1. chinna said...:

    hello this is chinna fromhyd i opened opera on my cell.its opened butwhen i type adress of the site not connecting .when i rechage money then it opened why isn't not free? my friend said its z help me .ex i type adress bar in mobile. indian beaches on adress bar it dispalys its connecting and then its displays failed to connect internet why plz send sdeatils 2 me

  1. admin said...:

    Hellow, thanks for your comments.
    Mr. Chinna , plz provide ur country and operator name. This trick is not available for all operators.

  1. ahsan said...:

    dear is that possible to use same thing at uae with du sim. please let me know about it.

  1. ahsan said...:

  1. Anonymous said...:

    would you tell me details so that i can set up it for my phone...

  1. cmsajib said...:

    it is not work .... Now BGP change ip
    offer is include

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Ata ki akno kaj kre??naki akn r hsse na plz ans me.amr 1ta frnd gp sim diye free internet use krca..

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