Samsung Epic 4G and Sanyo Zio

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According xnigħat'qabel, Samsung 4G Epic Froyo shown Feb. 21 to date - but our sources say, to develop a series of EB13 and then create, update, confirm the rumor as far as SR17. Will be updated over the air (OTA), and received throughout the country in four days. These changes include improved support for Bluetooth devices, Bluetooth, voice dialing, Flash Player 10.1, the installation of enhanced GPS, better performance and capacity of the operating system for external storage. Click on the details of Zio rest.
samsung-mobile-Epic 4G and Sanyo Zio
Sanyo Smartphone Zio Froyo receive OTA updates on 21 February as well, and has completed a course of five days. Zio-actualization and the accumulation of giving 2.200SP changes include increasing the number of them, 2.5.5 Sprint, Sprint Activation ID to strengthen and improve battery life. Zio users receive three separate downloads for the renovation and recommended that the Wi-Fi before trial.


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