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Mobi TV mobile application testing

Mobi TV is an mobile application by MobiTv Inc. This exciting program allows you clear access to TV right on your mobile device. Mobi TV offers incredible live TV and on demand content from leading global provider of news, sports, music and entertainment arm's length. Via Mobi TV, you can have access to 35 + channels directly on your mobile device.

The reason I say to you all for this mobile application, because not only is a good application, but I had also had a small role as an analyst in the early stages of my career (only 10-12 days:) this mobile application.
mobi tv
You can download the mobile application from the phone and smartphone. You can stream information, and then you can watch live TV the same as you can see live TV on the Internet. But it is very important that you have 3G service to get to experience this lively television. 3G in India is just to make people like these, you can use these applications live TV on a decent speed. However, towards the application of my knowledge is not available in any Indian carrier. Just subscribe to your favorite channel, and move on.

MobiTV program is available through various carriers such as TELUS Mobility, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, AT & T Mobility, Alltel and several regional carriers

While demand is good, but you have mostly good speed to take advantage of this mobile application.

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  1. MiziBwe said...:

    Nice...But where to download.

  1. Silver MLM said...:

    can I get the mobile tv value pack and the internet value pack on 3?

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