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ICC Cricket Worldcup From Your iPhone Mobile

The 10 th edition of the ICC Cricket World Cup starts today February 17, 2011. Cricket World Cup 2011 is organized by India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. This time there will be 14 teams and play 49 games of cricket, including the final. Teams participating in the Cricket World Cup 2011 are Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Canada, the Caribbean, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland and the Netherlands. The official television channel of the Cricket World Cup 2011 in India ESPN Star Sports and DD Sports. However, if you're a fan of cricket and have an Internet connection to broadband, you can watch the World Cup 2011 live online via the Internet broadcast channel ESPN Star Sports.

2011 World Cup live on your mobile: Vodafone Spain has reached an agreement with ESPN, which will allow them the World Cup 2011 Live streaming from mobile phones. This service is available to all Vodafone customers on 2G or 3G and GPRS smartphone valid plan. Please contact customer service for details.

ESPN Mobile App Cricifo: The popular Cricinfo Mobicast application was redesigned to include new features. The final version will be called ESPN and Cricinfo is now available for download on the App Store IOS. This application includes features such as push notifications, cricket live scores, feedback ball ball, team standings, news, streaming video, etc. Those who use other operating system platforms can be downloaded by visiting their ci.plusmo.com mobile browser.
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More Info: Cricket World Cup 2011 – Pro v0.9.7
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