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Free Games Modern Combat 2 : Black Pegasus for iPhone and iPod Touch

The free version of the famous game from Gameloft, Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus and is available on the AppStore. Remember that this is the result of a war game.
Here are the features:

  • The controls of the previous version (default, screen, touch, Virtual sticks) have been completely revised and easier and better than the game.
  • Adding a gyroscope control and advanced new way to improve playing comfort.
  • Many functions related to the use of the gyroscope.
  • Play as one of the three main characters and the actors of one of the 12 battlefields in the game.
  • facial animation and detail make this gaming experience almost real.
  • 15 weapons made of real weapons that can enhance with various attachments.
  • Realism also details the lightning and fire near real-time thanks to mingle.
  • The ability to play multiplayer for up to 10 players.
Download free version of Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus
Use Gameloft LIVE challenge your friends.


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