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ICC Worldcup 2011 Live

Free Cricket Live Streaming. While slow internet connection, please allow 1 minute for downloading videos.
Watch and Enjoy ICC Cricket Worldcup 2011 Live From Your Computer.


Watching cricket has always been the traditional method of television and over the years, it is clear that Internet users has risen dramatically and it became a habit as they watch cricket online live.

Back in Sri Lanka when I was a kid, I remember the whole family gathered to watch the cricket live before our 15 "inch television years in black and white back, we all used to watch live from the first ball for the final run scored.In India, they say that cricket is a religion and that everyone can see cricket live on television. I remember at one point they made statues of Indian cricket and the cult of nature, under a tournament the World Cup and another example of fans attacking cricketers because cricket players have lost their battle.


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