iPhone 5 Scheduled Release

IPhone rumors are 5 and 4.3 IOS is running rampant lately. Although a lot of "escape" and speculation have been made to the next major version of Apple IOS, not much has been said about the iPhone hardware 5. Everything we have heard a report on Engadget that the iPhone is 5 "total re-engineering" the current version.

A mysterious device is said to be the new Apple A5 processor CPU, the overall bandwidth to all carriers, and a larger screen, which has no home button. No specific release date has been set, and apparently only the head honchos from Apple iPhone to get five prototypes.

5 iPhone has been rumored to have affected the test phase in October 2010, it is no exaggeration to say that the field test units in circulation in Cupertino. Apple has yet to disclose the information directly into the iPhone 5, but a new report says we will not see a product launch before the summer. That is, unless you stay in a bar again.

Digi Times is a fairly reliable source of supply for Apple news. According to Digi Times, Apple is ramping up supply chains for the production of the iPhone 5.
“Apple has added Foxconn Electronics, Foxlink, Gold Circuit Electronics (GCE) and Epistar as component suppliers for the iPhone 5 smartphone, scheduled for launch during summer at the earliest, according to a Chinese-language Economic Daily News (EDN) report.”
The report gets specific with what component Foxconn will be responsible for producing,
“Foxconn will become the iPhone 5′s new earphone supplier. Japan’s Foster was the previous supplier, but a strengthening yen has spurred Apple to look for more cost-effective sources, the report said, noting that related orders are estimated at NT$5 billion (US$171.7 million). Foxlink will produce earphone jack sockets for the iPhone 5.”
Thanks to Digitimes, we have something else to add to the growing list of iPhone 5 rumors.


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