Windows Phone 7 Jailbreak App Download

Well this is sure to jailbreak techniques for the smartphone operating system is a serious matter. It should be noted that all the smart phones are the jailbreak until today and the next is a collection of Windows 7 Phone.

So wait is over as Chevron WP7 release tool is specific to Windows 7 Phone and this new tool allows users to side-loading of applications that were previously not possible for Windows Mobile 7 Beyond Chevron WP7 also allows use the private API and access to low-level functionality to the individual unit WP7.

So here are the complete steps involved in this process:

  • First of all download the ChevronWP7.exe
  • Then turn off the lock screen on the Windows Phone 7
  • Then connect the device with the PC through Zune and this should be in complete synchronization.
  • Then run the application ChevronWP7.exe
  • Follow the necessary guided steps to complete the procedure.
This tool allows the user to add unlocker ChevronWP7 real applications that have not been approved or established in the market. Well, this is a good start for the jailbreak is WP7 and in recent days is more discoveries.

Download the ChevronWP7 app HERE.


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