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Samsung Galaxy S Tips and Tricks

Samsung i900 Galaxy S is an Android good and the people love him because of the exciting features like the big screen, a lean and thin, recording HD video and social networking features. Here are some tips and tricks for Samsung Galaxy and Android users get the most from your phone.

Search Option
Most of the Android phones have a dedicated search button, but not the Galaxy, for a long time, pressing the Menu button to open a search box for all applications.

How to put Galaxy S in recovery mode
Follow these steps if you need to put Galaxy S in recovery mode.
- Turn off the phone
- Press Volume down+ Home+ Power buttons. When you see the Samsung logo, release keys for half an second and then again press.
- Your mobile phone will now reboot in recovery mode.

How to soft reset Galaxy S
It is easy to soft reset your Samsung Galaxy S, press Volume Up key + Power button together for 5 seconds. It will turn off and on automatically.
Task Switcher
Long press Home button, Task Switcher comes up and you can choose an application to go back.

Swipe a contact
It is very cool features that enable you to swipe contact right to make a call or left to send a message to that contact. Using this way, you can call or text someone in one swipe.

Bluetooth, WiFi shortcut
If you use bluetooth or WiFi quite frequently, you can make a shortcut of bluetooth or WiFi on the Home screen. Do so by long pressing Home key and select Shortcut.

Use phone storage as flash drive
Galaxy S comes with 16GB external memory which you can use as external hard disk or flash drive. Go to Setting > Applications > Development > check ‘ USB debugging’ and then connect the device and PC with cable. Press ‘Mount’ to connect device to computer. You will find that internal SD card is defined as removable drive (I:) and micro SD is (H:).

Uninstall an Application
To uninstall an application from your Samsung Galaxy S, you can use iPhone method which is just by select the app or you can do so on Customized Grid. Press Menu on application screen (making sure view type is ‘Customized Gird’). Press Edit and select the apps that you want to delete. You can even customize the bottom forum icons (Email, Home, Browser, Phone).

Customize the Home pages
Sure, you can edit the widgets on websites, but you can also edit, delete and move pages. Press Menu and Edit screen.

Swipe Notification bar to change screen brightness
If you set the screen brightness control as manual settings, you can control the brightness just by swiping Notification bar.

Contacts Shortcuts
You can make shortcuts of your most used contacts at Home screen by long pressing Home screen and going to Shortcut > contact > select a contact.

Store photos on microSD card
To store photos or images on microSD card instead of internal memory of phone, open the camera app and tap on the tiny triangle and then the gear that comes after it. Tap the tap the ‘Wrench’ icon and scroll down. Now simply tap Phone and then tap Memory Card, your photos will now be saved in microSD card instead of internal memory.

Change 4 icons in dock bar
You can change the four icons at the moment sitting in the splash screen of the phone line (including phone, email, browser, etc..) Select Applications and press the Menu button on the device and select Edit (if you do not see the change, click View and select customizable network, you can click Edit to do so). You will now see the outline of a weak white cover on the left and the top of each icon in the middle of two long-tap the icon at the bottom of the menu shortcuts, and drag them to the application. Now it's time to tap the application and drag the bottom bar.

Start Galaxy S in Safe mode

If Samsung Galaxy and S will not start after you install something, it's always good to start in Safe Mode and delete your phone for something that is causing the problem. Turn off your phone and turn on the phone again when you hold down the Menu button. Keep holding down the Menu button until you load the home screen. The bottom left corner should say the phone is in safe mode.

Block phone numbers on Galaxy S
Samsung Galaxy gives you ability to block phone numbers that you do not want to receive call from. Go to Menu > Settings > Call Settings > All calls > Auto Reject > Enable auto reject > auto reject list and tap create. Enter the phone numbers to block and tap Save.

Save photo from MMS to Galaxy

If you have received a photo though MMS that you want to save in your mobile phone, open the messaging app and open the thread of message with picture. Tap and hold the photo for couple of seconds and select copy attached to SD card.

Delete a single number from call log
If you have made a cal that you do not want anyone else to see, you can delete that from call history. Tap Call Log at Home screen and tap and hold the call you want to delete. A menu will appear, tap the Delete option there and you are done.

Restore Galaxy S factory settings
To reset the Galaxy S to factory settings follow these instructions (Note: all data will be deleted other than data on external memory).
- Turn the phone off or take out battery and insert again if it is halting
- Hold the Volume down button and press Power button.
- A menu will popup, choose Clear Storage by pressing the volume down button.
- Then press and release the Power button.
- Here, confirm the decision by choosing Yes (by pressing volume up button)

This will restore Samsung Galaxy to factory settings.

If you want Galaxy S as a wireless modem to navigate through the USB settings - PC Internet. Make slowed by clicking the Home button. Now connect to your PC and a setup application will come up. Install the program and the ISP details and use the device as a modem.

Send call reject message

If you can not receive a call during a meeting or driving etc, gently dismiss and send the message. When you receive a call, scroll down and select from the rejection message and select the message in the list that applies to the situation.

So this is a list of tips and tricks for Samsung Galaxy i900 S, let us know in comment if you have more tips related to this mobile phone.


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