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As you know, Google has played a major role in the mobile industry with its Android operating system. they already released a branded mobile phone, Google link. It is a fantastic revolutionary phone, and even now you are in the Nexus list of 10 mobile phones. Google recently announced the second version of this phone, the Google link S. This time, the hardware manufacturer of this phone is Samsung.

According to its press release, Google will launch this phone later this year. and this is the Android version is v2.3 gingerbread, which published a few days ago. the phone works with a 1Ghz processor and ARM Cortex A8 has a memory of 512 MB RAM old phone.

Google has posted some photos of this phone and think it has a very nice design. Has rounded corners as the iPhone and Google phone Nexus S looks very thin. having a Super 4-inch AMOLED capacitive touch screen resolution is 480 x 800 pixels. There is something special with this screen. the glass surface is called Oleophobic that is resistant to scratches. also what is not flat, is a curved glass. S link Google also has touch controls on the bottom of the screen, but no scroll wheel as in the previous version.

Google link S has 16 GB of internal memory and supports up to 32 GB memory card. the main camera of this phone is 5 MP and supports 720p video recording. There are many amazing features of this phone and I'll write another blog post to send the message.



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