Java Mobile MIRC Client

jmIrc: Java Mobile MIRC Client

This application is the best IRC client for Java-enabled mobile phone. jmirc is supported from any cell phone and then translated into Java MIDP 1.0.

MIRC as it has many features, including support and a standalone proxy for phones that can work with sockets or HTTP proxy. So many channels, color support, multiple windows, international character sets (UTF-8) and rapid scrolling of windows is supported.

To set up the HTTP proxy server you need to download the HttpIrcProxy (.jar file)
jmIrc and Http Irc proxy can be downloaded from or download from this java mobiles for games and Applications blogs

file name: HttpIrcProxy
release: HttpIrcProxy 0.37
file type:.jar
file size: 19,6 KB
download http Irc proxy instantly here

file name: jmIrc
release: jmIrc-0.95
file type:.jar
file size: 35 KB
download Jmirc instantly here


  1. I used this application in my iphone but it can't stay connected for more than a minute or so.

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