Samsung Galaxy S Pro Specification Leaked

Samsung S Galaxy Pro is real. We know, of course, because we saw a picture of him with the Sprint brand. But what we did not have specifications or something practical about printing - now. Until we have received information from an informant tried and true of what may very well end up being the hottest phone of the year - a high order, yes, because what we HTC seen so far this year, and what happens from Motorola. Let's discuss it after the break. Let us know first regulation saying that we would not be surprised to see some of what you read may change when the phone launches. What we are told things are still being tested and therefore it is not uncommon that some things - especially on the software - to edit in place. But now, the juicy parts.

Samsung Galaxy S Pro
Samsung Galaxy S Pro hardware:

* Size: It's a tad shorter (about a half-inch) and more narrow (about three-eights of an inch) than the Sprint Evo 4G, but it's thick. Not surprising, given the slide-out keyboard.
* Keyboard: Slider mechanism is very smooth and clicks in place when closed. The keys are raised, made of soft plastic. They're pretty firm when pressed.
* Body: Our tipster wasn't impressed by the plastic feel, though it could just be a prototype thing.
* Processor: Samsung/Intrinsity ARM Cortex A8 @ 1GHz.
* Screen: "Gorgeous," which is about what we hear anybody say when they're first exposed to Super AMOLED. Blacks are very dark, "almost look wet." Font edges look a tad fuzzy, like on the Nexus One. But when viewing white text on a black background, they're very easy to read. The resolution appears to be 480x800. The screen size is noticeably smaller than the Evo 4G, but bigger than the Nexus One. So it may well be the same 4-inch screen that's on the Galaxy S. Very responsive, only needed a light touch. "Never used anything so fluid." Feels a little plasticy.
* Memory: 512MB of RAM. There was 8.2 gigabytes of ROM, which possibly could be re-allocated to phone storage/internal storage, much like the Verizon Droid Incredible. But that's speculation on our part.
* WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n.
* Cameras: 5MP rear-facing camera with 1x optical zoom, 720p recording. Front-facing camera is VGA.
* Other radios: EVDO Rev. A./Wimax. Additional SIM card slot points to possible World phone.


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