8 Frighteningly Fun Apps for Halloween

halloween iphone case
Let's be clear, translucent or less ethereal - it is very difficult to get a good scare your iPhone, unless of course you get calls from the afterlife, or if you have the cell number of the Beast . The screen is too small, for one thing. The only time the iPhone will really scare you is when you get automatic text, your account has been deducted from the first month after the addition of your son-in-your limited minutes, AT & T plan. If you want your IPAD to scare you, go to YouTube and type real ghost videos. You get hundreds of options all start with white text on a dark black background announces something like what you see is real." But for fun and interactivity, you still can not beat iWorld. So Halloween fun for all ages to read - and believe it or not, we have found applications to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up too!


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