Microsoft Launched Windows Phone 7

The highly anticipated Windows 7 phone will launched today by Microsoft. 

The official release date was announced by the company pre-announced the event, held in New York.The official launch of Windows 7 Phone will be held at the Microsoft Technology Center from 9:00 a.m. ET.The program launch will include the opening 5 minutes, followed by 20 minutes presentation on the OS of the smartphone.
Microsoft Windows 7 Phone Review
Initially released Eleven years ago, in April 2000, Microsoft’s mobile phone operating system is ruling the smartphone and mobile phone market. Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android is up growing popular mobile platform Android make competition with this  Windows Mobile devices.
Screen shot 2010-02-16 at 9.30.47 AM.png
Microsoft Windows Mobile 7
Microsoft Windows Mobile 7 Specification and Features:
The HUB in Windows Phone 7 allows you to stay on the home screen and use the applications and do work without leaving the page. You can connect to the applications being online without leaving the home screen.

The Windows Phone 7 screen is pretty crispy and beautiful with large text. The start screen even shows you the updates as weather,news,Social Sites Notifications etc

Windows Phone 7 is way ahead in gaming and is surely for all of us. It also integrated with Social Sites like Snaptu,Face Book,Twitter,Nimbuzz etc.

It's great that the Windows 7 Phone will have the infrastructure to do (hopefully GPU-powered) animations. It really is. Core Animation is the unsung hero of the iPhone's success from a technical standpoint.
Screen shot 2010-02-16 at 9.47.13 AM.png
Windows Mobile 7  Fascinating Looks

Microsoft Windows 7 mobile phone will rules mobile markets. We are thinking that this mobile operating system would get highest popularity in a few days. It threw away the stylus and created a completely new, finger-friendly UI, coupled with an OS that enables easy integration with Microsoft’s services Xbox Live and Bing, as well as social networks such as Facebook.


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