Nokia N900: Linux-based mobile phone

Finally N900 is the first Linux-based 3G/HSPA phone from Nokia, powered by Maemo is out. There are already some high-quality awesome pictures of the phone, or just enjoy the following taken by my countryman who is working for Maemo. Or watch its 75-second promo video clip. Price is not set yet, but seems to be in the EUR 500 range. The geek side of you might want to glance at the specifications (and mark that OpenGL ES 2.0!).

The Nokia N900 is a mobile Internet device and phone, from Nokia based on the Maemo technology,supplanting the N810. It was launched at Nokia World on 2 September 2009 and was released on 11 November 2009 in the United States and 9 European countries. It runs on the technology,i.e. Maemo 5 Linux as the operating system and is the first ever Nokia device based upon the technology called TI OMAP3 microprocessor with ARM Cortex-A8 core. The Nokia N900 will be the first Maemo device to offer phone functionality.It perfectly acts as a 5 mega pixel camera,a portable media player, and a mobile Internet device with email and web browsing.

The Nokia N900 is being set in motion along with Maemo 5,making the device a complete package offering overall more touch-friendly interface and an adjustable home screen which combines application icons with shortcuts and widgets. It’s Technology also supports Adobe Flash Player 9.4,also including many applications innovated specially for the mobile Technology like the new touch-friendly media player.
The Nokia N900 is the only phone with the world’s only technology of usable version of mobile Firefox, enhanced with an actual copy of Adobe Flash 9.4.The features of HSDPA 10/2 modem in the  Nokia N900 handled DivX, XVID, WMV and MPEG-4 simple profile videos up to 640-by-480 resolution smoothly, maintaining lip sync well. MP3, AAC, and WMA music files all sounded crisp via a headset plugged in the standard, 3.5-mm jack. The Nokia N900 is Based on 3G technology, Linux smartphone with embedded XTerm.
The Nokia N900 is the sibling of Nokia’s impractical Internet Tablet line.By transforming a tablet into a phone and including Microsoft Exchange syncing, Nokia is attempting to make the N900 into a practical handheld mobile capable of doing everthing.The Nokia N900 uses the technology of Maemo 5,a Linux OS based on Debian
with a GTK-based GUI.


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