LH01 Mini IPhone Clone

LH01 Mini IPhone Clone - Introducing The Smallest Shake And Tilt Mobile Phone

However, the tendency is to shake and iPhone clone market is now flooded. The Hiphone i32, the CECT A380, the A88 and the A8 + is very active sellers might think that cloning is no room for further agitation.
Apparently the Chinese manufacturers do not agree. This is probably because their sales data indicate that there is room for another, especially a smaller model.
Although initially considered questionable, but intriguing bonus feature seen, shake and tilt is now lookingafter and very popular. Consumers do not muck about with love, or scroll to change the media. This is very convenient and fast just shake the phone even if the songs, wallpapers, video, or advance. You can even tilt the phone when you switch to widescreen mode.
The LH01 is the latest addition to this line to shake the music phones, but it is a few differences. The most striking difference is that it is smaller, so people sometimes callis the "Mini Hiphone." It measures only 5.3 x 11.3 x 1.3 mm. It weighs only 107 grams
The knocking has shake all of the standard features of the other and tilts, including: dual sim (you can switch back and forth between them); full MP3 and MP4 Player, Java 2.0, web browsing via GPRS and WAP, e mail and text messaging (SMS, MMS, EMS, SMS group sending, and long text SMS), handwriting recognition, an FM radio and a web cam.
This also has the latest edition of Java (2.0), which many people feel a tremendous advantage, because this way you can buy all sorts of third party software and gaming applications such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel in terms of productivity, But there are countless others.
This little guy also has an FM radio and an enhanced camera features a 2.0 megapixel version of the 1.3 model as compared to (the fact that manyClones have.)

Although not everyone is going to embrace the smaller size. Some people are advocates of the largest screen possible, but Ibelieve there are many people who like the idea of a small model that fits comfortably in your pocket.


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