Samsung announce memory cards

Samsung announce 32GB microSD cards, 64GB moviNAND

Samsung have stuffed more memory in a tiny package than seemed possible a few years ago and announced their 32GB microSD cards. For integrated memory, they are readying chips with double that capacity - 64GB.
The previous best achievement in microSD cards capacity was 16GB but now that has been doubled. This feat of doubling the capacity of the previous generation seems to be the norm for flash memory.

These 32GB microSD from Samsung hits the 32GB limit of the microSDHC standard. The replacement standard is already in the works – the microSDXC standard. The microSDXC standard should allow microSD cards with a capacity of up to 2 TB to be released.

As for the chips meant for integrated memory, they’ll come in 64GB and will likely make their way to MP3 players and the new generation iPhone (3GS doubled the capacity of the 3G).

Mass production is expected to start next month and it won't be long until the cards reach the market. Compatibility of current devices with 32GB microSDHC cards and the future microSDXC cards is a completely different matter, of course.

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