New Generation Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have become a sixth finger to many people around the world. Mobile phones are playing much important and inevitable part in our lives. It has brought our lives in to such a situation that we cannot even live without a mobile phone. New mobile phones are released every week from a large number of brands around the world. New technologies have been introduced.
Research and development are still going on in the field of mobile computing. It is on of the hottest field available today. Internet made a large difference in computing. But the mobile phones are going to have a complete makeover on the internet. There was a time where we sit in front of the desktop computer to browse the websites and send e-mails. Later laptop computer made the things easier. Now it is the turn of mobile phones now. In past days mobile phones are like the regular telephones apart that we can take it along with us and send text messages. Now it has changed. Mobile phones have become a mini computer. You can do a lot of stuffs on your mobile. It has become digital assistant for you. Present day mobiles are mainly multimedia mobile phones. That is it can do a variety of functions apart from making calls and sending text messages. Mobiles phones of present days have camera attached to it so that you won’t miss a single moment to keep in your memories. The clarity of mobile phone cameras are getting improved day by day. Mobile phones with 5 mega pixel cameras have been released in the recent years. Sony Ericsson has declared that they are going to release a mobile phone with 12 mega pixel cameras soon. The most widely used application of the mobile phone is the internet connectivity. Those who want to remain connected to the internet can now use their GPRS or EDGE enabled mobile phones to browse internet or send mails. 3G or third generation phones are the revolutionary candidates here. But it has not been implemented all over the world. Now 4G is planning to make its debut. Also mobile phones are available with WiFi enabled. Other connectivity options include Bluetooth and infrared which are short range wireless communication technologies. It help us to send files over the air without the help of any cables over a short distance. Present day mobiles are bundled with a lot of memory options. Memory cards ranging from 2 gigabytes to 8 gigabytes are available in the market. The most recent success in mobile phone industry was that of the apple. The touch screen version of their mobile phone which they called it as the i-phone has been a big hit. Around 128000 pieces were sold out in the very first day of its release. What made it such a big hit is that it was a complete touch screen based phone. It had no keypads.
Everything was done at the touch of a finger. It made look everything easier than ever and it really did. More computational power is going to be introduced to the mobile phones. After some years, your mobile phones can do what ever your desktop computer can do now. Those days are not so far from now. Then computational power will be available anywhere anytime.


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