MiLi's sleek Power Skin

MiLi's sleek Power Skin doubles iPhone battery life

MiLi Power Skin for iPhone
MiLi has added to its iPhone accessory line-up with the release of what it bills as the "world’s thinnest external battery and protective case for iPhone 3G and 3GS." The slender MiLi Power Skin has a 1,200 mAH battery capacity which can provide up to double the battery life of the iPhone, a pass-through USB/mini-USB for syncing and charging without removing the case and is designed to be easily removed for docking.
In the thickness stakes, the Power Skin comes in at 0.7-inches (18mm), a shade thinner than the Mophie juice pack which measures 0.75-inches.
It's available in eight two-toned colors (combinations of black, white, blue, green, orange, and silver), is Apple certified with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and costs US$69.95.
MiLi has also announced a diminutive mobile phone USB charger called PocketPal which features a folding, 100-240vAC plug. PocketPal costs US$19.95.
Detailed specs on MiLi Powerskin attached. Let me know if you need more info. I do not have the specific weight. I do know from personal use it feels slightly lighter than the Mophie, it is thinner at 17.8mm compared to Mophie at 18.6mm.


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