How to jailbreak iPhone OS 4.0 ?

Apple announced the iPhone OS 4.0 couple of hours ago. While I was expecting one of the hackers to claim aJailbreak iPhone OS 4.0, I wasn’t expecting it so quickly.
iH8sn0w claims to have uncovered an exploit to Jailbreak iPhone OS 4.0 on his iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 2G. The keys can be found here and here.
While most other iPhone hacker teams are holding their exploits close to their chest, iH8sn0w plans to release the software to jailbreak iPhone OS 4.0 beta. This move might help the Apple patch the exploit in its final release of iPhone 4.0.

Though hackers have had successfully been jailbreaking all the recent iPhone OS releases,Unlocking iPhone OS has been a challenge after the recent baseband update. There are quite a few iPhone users out there who have updated their software by mistake and now are locked with AT&T. So, I am sure there are thousands out there waiting to hear about Unlock for iPhone OS 4.0on iPhone 3G, 3G S, etc..
While we know it’s been done, we don’t know how it’s done yet. We will have our eyes open and won’t stop sniffing around for more on Jailbreak iPhone OS 4.0.
Have Patience people! Your “How to Jailbreak iPhone 4.0” or “How to Unlock iPhone 4.0” queries will be answered soon!
iH8sn0w denies that he has jail-broken it already but says it is definitely jailbreakble and he is working on it. However, MuscleNerd tweeted and uploaded a video which suggests that the iPhone OS 4.0 Jailbreak has already happened! We can’t wait to hear aboutUnlocking iPhone OS 4.0.


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