Blocked sim and samsung sound problem

Problem 1:

Your Name: robert
Your Email Address:
Subject: puk code
Message: i inserted an incorrect puk code into my phone 10 times and now my phone is completely blocked what do i do?

Solve:Please contact your sim provider.They are unlock your sim free.

Problem 2:

Your Name: Stefan Iliev
Your Email Address:
Subject: samsung i640
Message: Hello,

I saw your review on samsung i640v and it was very helpful. I am no starting to experience some problems with my phone so I decided to send you an email asking for some help. I am using a vodafone version in Bulgaria it is completely unlicked, and it constantly looses sound. Sometimes I can dial numbers and there is sound on the phone and sometimes it losses it. I used your reset codes and it was ok for a day or two then it started again. Some help will be much appreciated.

Solve:I think its a hardware problem.But you can reset your phone for last try.If you have warranty then go to customer care center.


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