Upgraded LG VX8350

LG VX8350:
The LG VX8350 is an upgrade from the very popular VX8300 which was one of Verizon Wireless' best seller. Many upgrade to this phone were done. The phone is slimmer and the speaker phone was upgraded to name a few.
Along with the few things I already mentioned. This phone got good makeover. The best thing that happened with this phone is that the antenna is internal now. The number pad was made to be a little larger and in that easier to compose sms and dial number for people hard of seeing. The external screen now allows for reading sms from it, this is nice for on the go.

This phone really is a good all around phone.in noisy environments u can still hear people clear and they can hear u clear as well. It can also take a little abuse if you have only dropped it once and honestly nothing came from it. The buttons are easy to push and find. You will really like having a dedicated speaker phone button comes in hand. The battery life is about average it will get u through a day of heavy usage which is all you need.

This phone has a 1.3 mp camera not much by today's standards but pics are crisp and clear. The video function is also very good you can take up to a 30 second clip for MMS. The speakerphone is to be honest the best on a phone You have ever heard. The volume can be up to the highest point and there is no distortion or static. The screen resolution is very nice, You will have no troubles seeing this display in the sunlight.

The 8350 is really a great phone the only thing you will found to be a problem is getting it to flip open with one hand. This task is almost not possible. Other than this you would really recommend this phone to anyone that wants a great workhorse that does not need data.
LG VX8350 Review

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