Sim card problem and Unlocking code provide

Problem 1:

Your Name: sk mohammed mojammil
Your Email Address:
Subject: sim card not valid
Message: when i m inserting my sim card in nokia n 95,it says sim card not was purchased from australia and was also used in australia.but when im removing it ,works in offline mode.please can u help me.what is the problem .how can i solve it.

Solve:Please check your Sim card and its validity.If its invalid then you cant use this Sim.Go to your operators customer care center and solve this problem easily.

Problem 2:

Your Name: majid
Your Email Address:
Subject: XDA orbit problem
Message: my xda orbit windows mobile is locked after i press the clear storage tab so how do i solve and activate the problem.

Solve: Please go to this url.
1.Unlock Phone.

Problem 3:

Your Name: nikola Cvetkov
Your Email Address:
Subject: 3g problem nokia e 71
Message: helloo i hav problem with my nokia e71 i can\\\\\\\'t find how to switch on my 3g.please tell my if there i some tip to help my

Solve:Hei,man 3g means 3rd generation phone.If you want to know more information about that ,just go to this url.
1.3G phone.

Problem 4:

Your Name: Gerome Danganan
Your Email Address:
Subject: unlock nokia 6288
Message: my phone is locked to smart telecommunications philippines imei number is 353226016970026. how can I unlock it please so I can use other provider\'s sim cards. Thanks a lot.

Solve:Thnx for your message.Yous master code is 0423206135.Try this code and best of luck.

Problem 5:

Your Name: sudath
Your Email Address:
Subject: software
Message: i have nokia 3110c phone.
my phone data cable is not Active USB to computer.
pls send me a software.

Solve:Please change your data cable and solve your problem.I am providing you all software for your mobile phone just download it.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    hi i am having a problem with my nokia wont read my sim card and says its invalid everytime i put it in... my imei is 354855025776765

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