Repairing tips and using screen protector for ur cell

Problem 1:

Your Name: SAJED
Your Email Address:
Subject: repairing tips & diagram
Message: Sir,
Please provide me free repairing tips & diagram through mails when ever released & previous also

Solve:For Repairing CLICK HERE
For Diagram CLICK HERE.....See this all post please.

Problem 2:

Your Name: khalid
Your Email Address:
Subject: Lg kc550 blinking problem
Message: I have lg kc550. When the phone is turned on it blinks its logo only.

Solve:Please reset your phone successfully using security codes and restart phone.

Problem 3:

Your Name: Mohamed
Your Email Address:
Subject: languge problem
Message: i buy SGH-J700 but i found out that there is no the languge that i want please how can i download arabic languge in my phone thax

Solve:At first see this full feature about Samsung SGH-J700.If there is a language change option then you can change the language.CLICK HERE.

Problem 4:

Your Name: Craig
Your Email Address:
Subject: Scratched/Broken Shine Screen
Message: I\\\'m wondering if anybody knows how to replace a scratched or broken Shine CU720 outer LCD screen?
Any help help would be GREAT !

Solve:Please buy a new Lcd screen for your CU720 and use screen protector.It is very helpful for your mobile phone.


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