Nice Verizon Wireless Moto Q9c

Verizon Wireless Moto Q9c
Verizon's MOTO Q 9c meets all your mobile needs with style and performance. With a piano-style keypad, up to 32 GB of removable memory, personalization options, business and personal e-mail support, and Documents To Go by DataViz — which lets you create, edit, and view Microsoft Office Mobile files — this phone manages your mobile lifestyle.

Ahead of CTIA Wireless 2008, Verizon Wireless today announced several new high-end phones to be available later this month. In addition to the phones described below, Verizon Wireless will also get their own version of the BlackBerry Curve ($270, May 2008, Gallery & Specs) and an updated version of the dual-hinge Samsung SCH-U740, called Samsung Alias ($130, April 2008, Gallery & Specs), featuring a new QWERTY thumbboard.

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The Verizon Wireless XV6900 leverages the capabilities of Windows Mobile 6 Professional (Pocket PC Phone Edition) in an all-touch hardware design. Verizon Wireless claims easy navigation with the swipe of a finger for this smartphone, though such functionality has proved difficult to work flawlessly in other recent all-touch WinMo smartphones manufactured by HTC.

The XV6900 sports a high-capacity microSD memory card slot with support for up to 8GB cards, and the device also offers a 2.8" touch-screen, 2-megapixel camera, Bluetooth 2.0 and a built-in speakerphone. Measuring 3.98 by 2.35 by 0.56 inches, the XV6900 will be available in April for $350.

Gallery & Specs
A version of the Motorola Q9c is also slated to appear in Verizon Wireless' smartphone portfolio this month, featuring a high-capacity microSD memory card slot with support for up to 32GB cards, a 1.3-megapixel camera and Bluetooth 2.0. Unlike the XV6900, the Q9c's 2.4-inch screen does not offer touch capabilities, but our recent review of Sprint's version of the Q9c found an impressive battery life of 7 hours for this smartphone. The Motorola Q9c will be available with Windows Mobile 6 Standard (Smartphone Edition) for $250 in April.

Gallery & Specs
The LG env2 finally got its official introduction today too, a slim and redesigned successor to the original enV. The consumer QWERTY phone sports a clamshell design, offering a numeric keypad in closed mode and a QWERTY design in open mode. Heavy texters will be offered a BREW-based e-mail client, Instant messaging and a web browser capable of reading standard HTML web pages. Users will also get a 2-megapixel camera, microSD slot with support for up to 8GB cards and Bluetooth 2.0 support. Measuring 4 by 2.13 by 0.65 inches, the LG env2 will be available with a proprietary platform for $130 in April.


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