Motorola display and battery problem

Problem 1:

Your Name: prasad
Your Email Address:
Subject: solution
Message: motorola c168 blue display

Solve:At first reset your mobile phone or customize color.If your problem is not solve then go to shop.May be its your hardware problem.Change your display.

Problem 2:

Your Name: pradnyawant
Your Email Address:
Subject: download to mp3 player in my sony ericsson w200i mobile
Message: can i download the mp3 player in my sony ericsson w200i mobile phone?

Solve:Here is many kind of mp3 player for your Sony Ericsson mobile phone.Go to this link

Sony Ericsson Mp3 player

Problem 3:

Your Name: dean
Your Email Address:
Subject: o2 atom unlock
Message: hi,I\'m from malaysia.can you tech me how to unlock my o2 xda atom? please email me at
I really need help....
thankz again

Solve:You have to pay for unlocking this phone.

Problem 4:

Your Name: nelson hoover
Your Email Address:
Subject: battery replacement
Message: hi my name is nelson and i have a motorola A1000 but the battery is not funtioning so i need to replace . i m from india . so could you pleas tell me where i can get the battery from.

Solve:If you have warranty then you can replace your battery.You can seeking lower market what is near to you.Go to those type of shop and replace your battery.


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