Vodafone,Nokia 6300 unlocking and another phone lcd repairing

Problem 1:

Your Name: Vodafone Shares
Your Email Address: info@stopvodafone.com
Subject: Vodafone
Message: Dear reader,
Vodafone shares are in danger because of malpractice by Vodafone NL.
The attack on the Vodafone shares will come from 400 unhappy Dutch Vodafone customers. All because of excessively high invoices as a result of Vodafone’s technical disability to provide insight into data usage for months on end, be it online or otherwise. Within weeks, through Stop Vodafone, I (SWAS) mobilised the Dutch Vodafone victims to join me in a claim against Vodafone NL.
In the event of Vodafone’s refusal to satisfy the demands of its Dutch mobile phone and internet subscribers, I intent to start publishing articles about Vodafone practices on the international internet scene. Cluttering the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), I hope to be able to cause less and less people to sign a contract with Vodafone and to raise an alarm amongst Vodafone shareholders that will result in Vodafone NL’ submission to the unsatisfied Dutch Vodafone customers’ demands: Return of payments from the moment the malpractice began and the option to immediately end the contract from the same moment.

At http://www.stopvodafone.com/vodafone-zoektermen/ you can check the results I managed to get for Dutch Vodafone related terms via google.nl. No doubt, I can do the same for the UK SERPs.

Solve:Keep it up.I am not understanding your website language.So I cant comments your site.

Problem 2:

Your Name: Craig
Your Email Address: water_rat_68@yahoo.com.au
Subject: Unlocking Nokia 6300
Message: Hello, i am having trouble unlocking my mobile phone. I brought off a friend, but it is locked to vodafone. I would like to be able to use my optus sim card in it. Could u help me out, please.Thankyou, regards Craig.

Solve:Hei Craig ,You can unlock your phone in 3 ways.

1.Check your IMEL number using *#06# and buy a unlocking code.

2.Using Nokia unlocking software.DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE.

3.Go to cell phone specialist.

Here is some video tutorial for you.You can unlock your phone easy just see this video tutorial.
Nokia 6300 Unlock Tutorial

Unlock Nokia 6300

Nokia 6300 V5.00 Unlock via Raskal Box by www.GSM-Style.de

Problem 3:

Your Name: sattar
Your Email Address: shabbir_jani@yahoo.com
Message: x200 not display i change ribbin and lcd but blue screen and mobile pick the call and change softwere but cofuse not display plz help me.

Solve:Hmm..but what is your mobile company?Samsung x200, VX-X200 VK Mobile phone or Panasonic X200.I am confused.Please check again your ribbon and lcd screen.It is not a software problem.Its a hardware problem.Some video tutorial for repairing mobile phone lcd.

Nokia N73 Display repair (demontage)

water damage mobile LCD cleaning

Cellphone Repair (D807)

mobile phone repair, phoneinc :)

How to change a Nokia N73 LCD / Replace


Your Name: philip
Your Email Address: pmathew97@gmail.com
Subject: http://youtubevideoconvert.com/
Message: Download youtube videos direct to your PC, iPod, PSP, iPhone, Mobile, Mac..etc for free.. Its fast

Check http://youtubevideoconvert.com/

Convert to more popular format like .WMV .MOV, .MP4, .3GP, .MP3 etc.

REPLAY:I am using your link.So you can use my link on your site.Thnx 4 sharing your link.Take care.


  1. cool said...:

    Thanks...I am already using the nokia 6500 which is locked to vodafone.I unlocked my mobile using the code rather than software..
    I got the unlocking code from http://www.unlock-free.com/.It's useful for me.

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