Nokia3310 problem and solve with diagram

Part A:
Part B:
Problem 1:Need help to solve my nokia 3310 problem.....Please assist, Thanks a lot?

I have an old Nokia mobile phone (3310) that keeps giving me the message “Check Operator Services” whenever I dial a number.And I also discover that there is one symbol (2) appear on top of the left corner on my phone screen ....Does anyone know what that means and how to fix the problem?Thanks

Solve 1:If am right u should go into menu>settings>call settings>network selection. hope it works!

Problem 2:my 3310 cellphone has no ringing tones but the keypad tones is function!

Solve 2:#Clean the buzzer contact on the board, maybe it is dirty that causes lose
#Check your buzzer with a multitester.
So try this.

Problem 3:have lost my security code can you please help me to... plsssss email me at thanks.

Solve 3:call ur customer care (aircel,airtel...etc)...then give ur last 4digit number of ur sim card ...after tat they ll give ur puk code...used tat code and open ur security.

Problem 4:i hvw fogoten the security code of 3310 nokia pahone,the IMEI code is 350987802379242,please help me.

Solve 4:the default security code of nokia phones is 12345,
if it will not work.try this code here...0203416706 ( this code is for your imel only)
i haven't tried doing it because i don't have a nokia phone, you should be able to set your security code again right after you enter the 10 digit numbers. i wont guarantee 100% working, hope it helps

Problem 5:Well, I changed my unlock code and I forgot it. Then, I turned it off and it locked up. And now I can't unlock it because I forgot what I changed it to. I went to the Metro PCS place and asked them if they could reset it and they said they couldn't. Then when I called the other place it was closed. And I really need my phone to be unlocked right now. So please help me if you can.

Solve:The only way to get the code reset is to take the phone to a nokia care point, where they can sort this for you, calling Nokia won't help you, they can't remotely reset it. Just make sure you take along proof of purchase, to prove its yours, otherwise they might think you're trying to unlock a someone phone.

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