Asus: embedded SIMs

Asus: embedded SIMs soon to be old
An Asus spokesman said: “We don’t have a wide range of embedded laptop products and I don’t know how long the demand will last for such items.

Laptop manufacturer Asus has challenged rival manufacturer HP’s argument that laptops with embedded SIMs are the future for driving sales, saying the technology will soon be superseded by something newer.

“There hasn’t been a surge of enquiries for embedded laptops and I don’t think there will be.

This is because this industry moves at such a fast rate, there will be something else soon which may overtake demand.

“But with the convergence of the IT and mobile markets, manufacturers such as Asus are definitely benefiting from more brand presence.

“Our brand is now visible to more consumers.”

He added: “The markets are converging, but I don’t think one will replace the other; they compliment each other.”

Meanwhile, Vodafone is likely to strike a deal with laptop manufacturer Acer to produce embedded SIMs for notebooks similar to the Aspire One, Mobile News understands.

Sources said Acer notebooks with embedded SIMs will be available in Q4, priced at around £259.

How-to: Internal 3G HSDPA on Asus Eee PC 901

3G HSDPA enabled Eee PC 901...

Continue reading..

As you may know, Eee PC 901 has empty places for 3G and SIM cards..

..and the connectors are missing too. ( they save 20 cents... )

So we have to first solder the Mini PCI-E connector...

.. and raisers to secure the 3G card.

3G card secured..

But to use it we need to solder the SIM card holder too... ( if you plan adding a EVDO card you don't need the SIM holder )

As the SIM card holder is inside the Eee, you need to cut a hole for it..

Then short these 2 pins to power the 3G card..

..and these to enable USB lines to card ( we just shorted, you might want to use 27ohm resistors )

Last thing is to find antenna for it or just use one of it's wifi antennas. Packer is using a spare antenna from a phone where i just plugged wifi cable on it..

Surf is up!

Depending the card you have, you may also have to make a switch for it to shut it down when you don't need it.. Cards like SierraWireless 3G card supports turning it off from software, but some other cards doesn't.


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