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Latest gPhone has been released soon.Its a new phone by google.You can browse any kind on internet application from this phone.The specifications Google has laid out for devices suggest that manufacturers include cameras for photo and video, and built-in Wi-Fi technology to access the Web at hot spots such as airports, coffee shops and hotels. It also is recommending that gPhones be designed to work on carriers’ fastest networks, known as 3G, to ensure that Web pages can be downloaded quickly. Google suggests the phones could include Global Positioning System technology.
If you thought Gphone to be a just another cell phone, you need to rethink. Here are eight advanced features any cell geek would like to have on his gadget--GPS, multimedia, mobile web browsing, gaming graphics and more another feature.
Best browser phone:
As it’s known that, cellphone networks world-wide remain too slow for desktop-like Web speeds, the GPhone will be built-in with a browser which loads without the usual, lengthy mobile lag. This brings need for a really lightweight browser client and here comes into play, Opera, and also where an analysis of the Open Handset Alliance membership roles as a GPhone forecaster hits its first stumbling block. The mobile Opera Mini 4 browser has just been released. This seems to be just the right stuff the GPhone could use as its killer app, since Opera Mini 4 is optimized for quicker scrolling, navigation, and page rendering on mobile handsets. However, Opera is not an Open Handset Alliance member. Still, that’s not necessarily an obstruction to the GPhone’s acceptance of the browser.

Main Feature:

# HSDPA 1700 / 2100 plus quadband EDGE
# WiFi
# 3D graphics acceleration
# 3-megapixel camera
# 256 MB integrated storage, 1GB microSD card included
# Android Market for on-device app purchases
# Amazon MP3 app for on-device music purchases
# Push Gmail support with full HTML client
# Bluetooth (but no A2DP)
# Google Maps with Street View
# No Microsoft Exchange support
# No desktop synchronization — it all happens over the air
# 350 minutes talk time over 3G, 406 minutes over GSM
# 402 hours standby over 3G, 319 hours over GSM

Gphones Payment Type:
Google has applied for a patent for a mobile payment system to complement its 'plans to launch' the Google phone, or GPhone. Known as 'GPay' , it covers a system that would let the user send a text message to Google giving the details of a payment to a specified recipient. GPay then debits the user's bank account, crediting the money to the payee.

User Comments:
UNDERSTAR:The ugly stick does wonders, doesnt it?

indy360:Why? What's wrong with this version? Looks like a slimmer Treo, which is exactly what I'm looking for. I'd definitely buy this over the HTC-type of slider phone that's currently in vogue. Can't type fast on those phones at all.

Keebler:Sure doesn't look so ugly to me. Looks a nicer than a lot of other phones, and a whole lot nicer than that white and green atrocity giz has been using up till now.
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