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I was bored one day so I opened my mobile-phone, looked at it and then I thought for myself: where's the vibrator? I look at the top-part of the phone and I decided that I would try to open that little lid. To my surprise there wasn't any vibrator there, as I thought there would be. must be at the lower-part of the mobile...No idea to open the whole mobile just to see it so, I didn't bother to do that. Instead I look at the surprisingly huge free space in the phone. I looked at the insides-side and thought: a LED would fit there and it isn't far from a power-source. Said and done, I started to make a mod.
Here you can get inspiration and, I hope, instructions how to make this mod or a similar.

Here you can see my mobile-phone, a 3310, opened. This mode probably will work on the 3330 too. I haven't tried. If you have, send me an email about it.

That piece of plastic with "NOKIA" written on is a lid. As I said earlier I opened it. The best way to open it is to take a screwdriver and open it under the "NOKIA"-text (marked green). But I warn you, there are two hooks (marked red) that can easily break if you bend the lid up instead of lifting the lid up. I made that mistake and broke one of them.

Here you can see the phone with the lid opened. The lids backside is covered by a metal-plate, this is actually a part of the antenna. The plate make the antenna bigger, well you probably understand how it all works. You can also see the hole and the "surprisingly huge free space". The metal-plate with holes are connected with the battery in some way, so be careful that no wires or other things touch the plate, it might short circuit your phone and destroy it, and we don't want that to happen.

Here's the phone from the side. I have drilled and filed the hole so it would fit the LED. Remember to do the hole smaller then the LED so that you don't need to glue the LED. Make also sure that you don't drill or file in any of the phones components.

Time for the electronic-part! I'm using a blinking LED with a build-in resistor plus an external resistor. The external resistor is at 180 ohm. I take power directly from the battery. The correct way to do this is by connecting the LED with the outer pins. The + pole to the left and the - pole to the right. The battery gives ~4 Volts when it's fully loaded. Remember to calculate how much resistance you must have, so that you don't burn up your LED!
NOTE: I noticed that if you don't connect the LED the way I have done it the phone goes nuts! The phone thinks that the battery is full and won't let it get recharged when the batteries finally are empty.

When you're done with the wiring you should put a piece of tape over the hole so that the wires don't touch the metal-plate on the lid and disturb or damage the phones antenna or worse: the whole phone.

The lid is in place and the battery is in place.

NOTE: if you do this mod exactly as I have done it the LED will ALWAYS be on, even if the phone is shutdown. This will affect the battery's standby-time. The only thing you can do to shut it off is to disconnect it under the lid or remove the battery.

Now it's time to do a window so that you and others can see the LED even with the covers on. I just filed a window, taped both sides and then filled the space between the tapes with Epoxy, which dries totally clean.

Well, here it is:

When I had the Epoxy already finish-mixed I took the opportunity to add a thing to the backside of my phone.


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