Repair Motorola V3 Razr

Getting the Dust Out--The Illustrated Guide

You know how you get dust under the inside screen often? Well, it is a VERY easy fix! You'll need a few things, and thats it:

Tweezers (with a sharp end, or something similar)
A new LCD cover ($5 from, plus $5 shipping--takes about a week to get)

Here we have everything we'll need...

Using the tweezers, carefully pinch the edge of the screen cover

and start to peel it off...

The piece will pull right off easily.

Notice the little white dust specks I had in there (they were bugging me out like C R A Z Y)

Take the protective plastic off the replacement LCD screen cover.

Starting at the bottom, line up the replacement cover with the inset...

And press it all the way down, then make sure you smooth out and apply pressure ALL AROUND the new cover, to ensure it sticks.

Take off the top piece of protective plastic.

Go find someone to pat you on the back, ya dun good, chil'. ;)


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