Nokia unlocking

New breakthrough in Nokia unlocking

A Stoke-based company has claimed it has the world’s only direct BB5 unlocking solution.

Unlockers thought they had found the first ever BB5 direct unlocking solution for high-end Nokia handsets, hailing it as a big breakthrough for unlockers.

Within 10 days it was discovered the system was in fact provided by a group of hackers that had gained access to Nokia’s systems. Shortly afterwards, Nokia found the loophole and shut the servers down, leaving unlockers unable to get the log files they needed to perform the procedure.

Now, Mobile Phone Solutions claims to have access to a totally legitimate solution called the DM3BOX.

Company says that the project was set up two-and-a-half years ago to create a standalone system capable of locking and unlocking Nokia handsets without the need of the internet or the help of Nokia.

This was completed on September 7, 2007 and that there are now a handful of secret boxes around the world capable of unlocking devices such as the N95 8GB, N81 8GB, N82 and 6500 Classic and Slide.


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