Motorola L7 Housing

How to Change Your L7 Housing

You will need a small flathead screwdriver or old sim card, a Torx T6 screwdriver, (I found one at my local sears), your L7, and the new housing.

So first we take our phone and our new housing. Turn off the phone and remove the battery and sim card. (It is a good idea to put on a semi-soft work surface. I used news papers so as not to scratch my slvr.)

Now take a small flathead screw driver and be very carefull . . . or something flat and plastic so as not to chip the paint (old sim card), and pry the antenna cover off starting at the side.

After removing antenna cover, we will take our Torx T6 screw driver and remove the six screws holding the front faceplate on?

After removing the six screws, carefully lift off the camera cover and set aside?..turn the phone over and either use the sim card or your fingernails to pull the front faceplate off. It will resist a little but try to pull where you removed the six screws and it will be ok. This is what it looks like when you get the front faceplate off.

?..Mine was kind of dusty so I used a can of air to remove some of the dust?..Now just snap on your new front faceplate, replace the camera cover, making sure you line up the holes for the screws, and replace the six screws. VERY IMPORTANT>>>>DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN OR YOU WILL CRACK YOUR NEW FACEPLATE!!! Snap the new antenna cover back on and replace the battery and sim card, and then the battery cover and you are done.

Congrats because you now have a fresh new SLVR. Cheers !


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