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By partnering with manufacturers such as Nokia , Sony Ericsson, Telstra, Motorola, Samsung, Blackberry and O2 Atom PDA they are able to offer our clients an extensive range of quality products that would suit almost any need. Connections If they are managing your account and you need a new service connected, or any unused services disconnected, they can handle that for you with ease. Just fax a purchase order and we will organise the requested action for you. If it is a new service, they can have the sim card delivered to your office. Service Sometimes they take our mobile handset for granted, however if it stops working, we tend to be lost. They will manage your handset service issues for you, they will collect the faulty handset, organise for it to be repaired and be happy to loan you a handset to use while yours is being repaired. Account Management Telstra are constantly introducing new discount rates for their clients and it can be a nightmare to keep up with. They will monitor your account with your permission and ensure that you are taking advantage of any discount offerings that are available to you through Telstra, making your life more efficient through savings in both time and cost. Account Technology Sholl Communications is committed to ensure that they understand the emerging technologies that are constantly bombarding the market. More importantly, we don't believe in technology for technologies sake. They constantly search for relevant technologies and match these to the needs of our clients. If it doesn't offer significant increases in both cost and time efficiencies, we will not recommend it to our clients.


Sholl Communications can advise you on the latest mobile phone technology and handsets on offer. Such as bluetooth mobile phones, mp3 mobiles, email from mobile phones, WiFi mobile phones, mobile phones with 3 mp, 3 megapixel camera and more. Also, as a Telstra Mobile Dealer, Sholl Communications is able to manage your Telstra Mobile account making sure you can take advantage of any discount offerings available to you through Telstra.
Nokia nseries N95 Mobile Phone Reviews / Specifications / Features: It's GPS. It's a photo studio. It's a mobile disco. It's the world wide web. It's anything you want it to be. Explore the internet at 1.5Mbps GSM 850 Network with ULTRA FAST speed. Navigate the world with interactive maps and purchasable local city guides. Download your favourite music tracks. And capture it all with 5 megapixel clarity with Carl Zeiss optics. Expand capacity to hot swap 2 GB microSD card! Experience the true power of multimedia computing with the Nokia N95 multimedia computer.

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They sell, brand new BlackBerry mobile phones, outright BlackBerry Mobiles and BlackBerry Accessories.+ BlackBerry Mobile Phone cheap memory cards, SD, miniSD and up to 2GB microSD.

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They sell, Brand New Motorola Mobile Phones, Outright Motorola Mobiles and Motorola Accessories.+ Motorola Mobile Phone cheap memory cards, SD, miniSD and up to 2GB microSD.

SAMSUNGSamsung Mobile Phones, Samsung PDA Handsets, Samsung Mobile TV, Samsung Melbourne Sydney Brisbane Australia.
Sholl Communications can help you choose the best phone from and extensive range from Samsung Mobile Phones.


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