Global Mobile Awards 2008

Global Mobile Awards 2008

Best Mobile Game

Cellufun : Call of the Pharaoh

Winner - Cellufun

Call of the Pharaoh is modelled after viral pyramid schemes, so the game was designed using a pyramid scheme algorithm and, in an effort to follow the pattern, was then made about being a pharaoh and building a pyramid. By requiring recruitment and cooperation, the game drives viral exposure and traffic.The community aspect and pyramid scheme design of this game help it stand out from the rest."

Judges' comments: “One of two outstanding entries that the judges just couldn’t split, so a joint winner. Call of the Pharaoh (from Cellufun) introduces social networking to games, you can’t win this all on your own, you need to call in your buddies. Beware, don’t start this just before bedtime or you will spend all night on it!“
Glu Mobile : My Hangman

Winner - Glu Mobile

My Hangman takes traditional hangman to all new level with exciting new twists. The much loved word game makes the jump to mobile complete with a suite of additions and customisable features for a personal hangman challenge. My Hangman includes over 1,000 word puzzles based on popular culture words and phrases; movies, pop music, sport - plus bonus mini-games between puzzles for extra power ups.

Judges' comments: “One of two outstanding entries that the judges just couldn’t split, so a joint winner. My Hangman takes a traditional game we’ve all played as children, added some clever twists, and brought into the 21st century by making it highly personalised and adding your own photos to the game is really good fun too.“

Best Mobile Music Service

Omnifone : MusicStation

Winner - Omnifone

Omnifone is Europe's leading direct-to-mobile unlimited music download service provider. Partners include Vodafone, Telenor, 3 Hong Kong and Vodacom, all of whom have rolled out Omnifone's revolutionary subscription based mobile music service MusicStation, providing unlimited downloads direct to a wide range of industry standard music enabled handsets for a small weekly fee or bundled into price plans.

Judges' comments: “A truly generic music station for just about every music enabled mobile phone on the market. Heaven sent for the mobile music lover.“

Best Mobile Video Service

mywaves : mywaves

Winner - mywaves

mywaves is the fastest-growing mobile video destination for consumers, attracting over 4.5 million unique visitors monthly to its free mobile video service. Consumers can browse through nearly 400,000 channels of premium, private and user-generated videos and have their favorites automatically updated and delivered to their phones. The service works globally across all 3G, EDGE, BREW and EV-DO carriers as well as most video-capable mobile phones, including Palm, Windows Mobile, Symbian and RIM based phones. mywaves is led by a team from Yahoo!, Napster, Danger, Palm and TiVo.

Judges' comments: “Easy to use, made-for-mobile video service that’s fun, free and fantastic. Sure fire winner amongst the mobile video fans.“

Best Mobile Social Networking Service

BuzzCity :

Winner - BuzzCity, by BuzzCity, is a mobile internet community, where people worldwide exchange ideas and express themselves as a way of keeping in touch with friends or making new ones. Registration is free and members interact via their personal profiles, blogs, discussion groups and many other community features. These features are crafted to appeal to our basic need for friendship and our sense of vanity. Members generally have limited or no access to computers and have made mobiles their primary access to the Internet.

Judges' comments: “Let the people speak. Rapidly growing social network site spanning borders, cultures and languages. The world just got a lot smaller – and smarter.“

Best Mobile Infotainment Portal for News or Entertainment

Yahoo! Connected Life : Yahoo! Go for Mobile 2.0

Winner - Yahoo!

With Yahoo! Go for Mobile 2.0, the online world now lives on a user’s phone. It is an all-in-one client application that redefines the mobile Internet experience for consumers’ handsets through a unique product design, the ability to personalise with content from the entire Internet and a reinvention of mobile search via Yahoo! oneSearch. The unique carousel design of Yahoo! The service includes Yahoo! oneSearch™, an innovative new mobile search service designed to give consumers what they want on their mobile phone – instant answers.

Judges' comments: “What WEB 2.0 really needs is to go mobile and now it has thanks to Yahoo! Go for Mobile 2. Crammed full of with every widget you ever needed and some you didn’t know you did – until now!“

Best Mobile Enterprise Product or Service

Microsoft : Windows Mobile 6

Winner - Microsoft

Microsoft is connecting people to the information that matters most to them, anywhere, anytime. Windows Mobile 6 makes it easier for businesses to go mobile with increased integration with existing Microsoft technology, new mobile security features and added functionality to help employees collaborate while on the go. Windows Mobile 6 advances rich mobile experiences for people outside of work through integration with Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Messenger, Live Search and Windows Live Spaces. Windows Mobile 6 was the first mobile device platform to offer HTML e-mail support allowing people to receive, view and compose e-mail in HTML format.

Judges' comments: “A leading platform for business owing to the ease of integration with Microsoft Exchange infrastructure. For the SMB market in particular, Windows Mobile 6 is an attractive proposition.“

Best Mobile Messaging Service

Seven : System Seven 7.0

Winner - Seven

System SEVEN 7.0 is the culmination of years of experience and research to make carrier grade mobile email accessible to everyone. SEVEN 7.0 is the most flexible mobile email solution on the market today, available on more than 115 carriers worldwide and 240 mobile phones worldwide. SEVEN supports all major device platforms including: J2ME, BREW, Symbian, Palm and Microsoft Windows Mobile devices, and provides instant push email from work and consumer accounts including Lotus Domino, Microsoft Exchange, AOL, Google, Hotmail, Windows Live and Yahoo! among others.

Judges' comments: “If you want e-mail on your phone and you want to keep the phone of your choice, System Seven 7 is what you’ve been waiting for.“

Best Mobile Handset or Device

SonyEricsson : W910 Walkman Phone

Winner - SonyEricsson

The W910 Walkman phone is designed for entertainment; whether music, 3D games, video, or high-speed Web access, and geared to let you choose your music, your way. SensMe™ enables you to search your collection and create play lists based on tempo and style rather than on artist or album. Shake control shuffles your play list. PlayNow™ V4.0 lets you preview or pre-listen to a variety of media content and then buy it over-the-air if you wish. TrackID™ - in collaboration with Gracenote® will identify a music track and show you the track name, artist and album, all for free - data charges may apply.

Judges' comments: “The Sony Ericsson W910 is a superb all-rounder. A compelling, easy to use design that has captured the imagination of consumers around the world in 2007.“

3UK : 3 Skypephone

Winner - 3

The 3 Skypephone mobile is a small, compact handset with Skype functionality built in – the first of its kind in the world. Skype contacts and calls are completely integrated into the address book and call logs, adding presence awareness to the consumer’s phonebook. The Skype functionality includes making and receiving Skype calls, Skype caller ID and Skype chat. The 3 Skypephone includes a 2 megapixel camera, MP3 player and internet browser and brings one of the internet’s most powerful applications to the mobile world using a mixture of IP and 3G voice technology.

Judges' comments: “The Skypephone is an innovative partnership between Hutchison 3 and Skype. In addition to the headline Skype service, the phone offers extremely good value for money with a wide range of features not previously seen at this price point.“

Best Broadcast Commercial

Safaricom : M-PESA ‘Send Money Home’ campaign

Winner - Safaricom

M-PESA is a new Safaricom service launched in March 2007, allowing Kenyans to transfer money fast, safely & affordably using the mobile phone. The ‘Send Money Home’ campaign was designed to demonstrate to customers how to use M-PESA and drive registrations of 98,000 customers through 800 retail outlets in 8 months. In 8 months over 1,000,000 customers registered for M-PESA and the Agent network grew to 1300 outlets as a result of customer demand generated through the campaign.

Judges' comments: “This shows the importance of mobile data services for more than just voice services or content download, fulfilling a vital social function. A simple campaign that has worked extremely effectively for its target audience.“
Best Mobile Advertising

Crossmedia Avenue : AMF Pension – the MMS campaign

Winner - Crossmedia Avenue

Crossmedia Avenue, a Swedish mobile marketing and mobile entertainment company, produced the mobile element in a national campaign for the market leading Swedish insurance company AMF Pension. The campaign resulted in a huge success with the enormous response of 262 000 via the mobile and 323 000 with the web interface included (9M inhabitants of Sweden). The campaign, “Meet yourself in the future”.

Judges' comments: “Creative and original use of morphing and MMS with a clear marketing goal in mind. This works in support of the AMF Pension message in a way that only a mobile campaign could. Staggering mobile response rate to a TV campaign. Associating it with similar age personalities reinforces acceptability of product.“

Best Use of Mobile for Social & Economic Development

Grameenphone : CellBazaar

Winner - Grameenphone

Grameenphone CellBazaar is a user-generated virtual marketplace, accessible via mobile phone or PC to nearly 17 million people in Bangladesh. In developing countries, limited communications hinder commerce and uninformed farmers and traders have little bargaining power with exploitative middlemen. Using CellBazaar (, buyers and sellers trade basic goods from their mobiles, bringing the benefits of information exchange and one-to-many trading to a previously unwired rural population. Users post or search an item, spending less than US$.02, either by SMS or WAP or WEB, depending on their preferences. While common telephony establishes one-to-one communication, CellBazaar links many-to-many using the same basic mobile infrastructures.

Judges' comments: “Great initiative - full marks for self-sustainability. This grass root level initiative is not only for operators to make money but for rural folks to sell and trade their goods and increased price transparency and help for the illiterate is also available. It has clear environmental benefits through reduced travel.“

Best Network Quality Initiative

RAD Data Communications : LA-130 Cell Gateway – Cost-Effective HSPA Backhaul

Winner - Crossmedia Avenue

The LA-130 is the market's first gateway that aggregates 2G, 3G and HSDPA traffic from cell sites and efficiently transports it over cost-effective DSL infrastructure. The cellular revolution has meant that an HSDPA user can use the same capacity as over 1,000 2G GSM subscribers so typical backhaul technology cannot economically sustain anything more than minor HSDPA usage.

Judges' comments: “Fixing the black hole in backhaul, the LA-130 also clears up mobile operators’ bunged-up passages and allows mobile surfers to ride the big waves.“

Best Service Delivery Platform

Aepona : Aepona Telecom Web Services Platform

Winner - Aepona

Aepona’s Telecom Web Services Platform empowers Telco’s to fully participate in the new, collaborative world of Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 services, rather than being relegated to the role of dumb bit pipe for “over the top” services from Webco’s, device/portal vendors and Enterprise application providers. Aepona’s solution allows Telco’s to securely publish their network capabilities (communications, information, intelligence) to the outside world as standards-based Web Services.

Judges' comments: “At last application developers can go mobile without the nightmares. The Aepona Web Services Platform joins together developers and Telcos in one easy move.“

Best Billing and Customer Care Solution

Bharti Airtel : mChek on Airtel – Mobile Payments Service

Winner - Bharti Airtel

Instantaneous Anytime Anywhere Convenience of Mobile Bill Payments & Prepaid Recharge – from the convenience of ANY mobile phone (even a ultra low cost handset can be used) or ANY web page (see example on patent-pending solution allows customers to register credit cards, debit cards or bank accounts and link them to their mobile phone with a user-created 6-digit PIN. Users can pay their post-paid bills, prepaid recharge, or pay on behalf of others by sending a simple SMS and entering their PIN over a USSD session.

Judges' comments: “For all those who thought mobile commerce was a pipe dream, mChek on Airtel, has just shown the way to do it. The cashless society is here and it’s gone mobile.“

Best Roaming Product or Service

Syniverse Technologies : Syniverse Datanet

Winner - Syniverse

Syniverse DataNet is the next generation of roaming anti-fraud protection for network operators and, by extension, their subscribers. Developed to exceed the GSMA’s Near Real Time Roaming Data Exchange (NRTRDE) specifications, DataNet dramatically reduces the time taken by the outmoded High Usage Record (HUR) for home and visited operators to exchange roaming data records, making fraud easier to detect and resolve.

Judges' comments: “A breakthrough in roaming data exchange for the back-office which should also revolutionise the roaming experience for the user.“


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