CECT A8+ Mobile Review

CECT A8+ - Shake And Tilt Touchscreen Mobile Phone With Bluetooth, Two Sims And iPhone Technology

A8+ attracts my attention by its 16:9 wide-screen, 16 million color, 3.0 square-inch WQVGA (240 * 400) LCD and the same dreamy general concise fuselage. 16:9 wide-screen makes people, who like operating with single-hand, more convinent. Only the width of 50mm, thin fuselage of 10mm, Bluetooth stereo music playing, changing screen as shaking, changing music as shaking, strong subwoofer, flat touch, single standby with dual cards, e-book etc.

CECT A8+ has "Shake Sensor" playlist function - Don't like scolling down your playlist tapping buttons? Just shake the phone and Seamlessly Shuffle through your playlist with just a "flick" of the phone. Boasting a 3.2" screen, just "tilt" phone sideways and screen turns 16:9 wide! Works also in the US.

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If you've seen photos or video of the iPhone clones, you know they are not just a passing fancy. They are here to stay because they are beating the iPhone at its own game. Not only do they convincingly copy what consumers like about the iPhone, they have improved upon what consumers don't like about the iPhone. This is why Popular Science called CECT's line of iPhone clones "the real deal."

The CECT A8+ is the latest touchscreen phone to improve upon the iClones. Let me explain. The original CECT iPhones were far superior to Apple's iPhone because they:

1. allowed you to use your own carrier without being chained to AT&T. All of the phones come unlocked and many have the slide unlock feature;

2. adding a removable battery so that you aren't dependent on the manufacturer every time the battery dies;

3. making the phones dual sim. Arguably, dual sim is going to be commonplace in the future. Who wants to have to carry around two cell phones? With a dual sim phone, you can have one number for work and one number for home, without ever needing to turn off the phone to change sims; and

4. by adding three additional speakers and a webcam.

Recently, CECT has improved upon themselves by adding shake and tilt features to the A8+. The best thing about the A8 is that you can shake the phone to change the media, meaning if you want to fast forward a song or video or change a photo or wallpaper, you only need to shake the phone to advance. You don't even have to look down or scroll. Additionally, you can tilt the phone to change it from portrait to landscape mode, which is very useful when watching video.

The A8 is currently between $100 and $150, depending on where you get it. That's a great price considering you are getting many more features than the iPhone at a fraction of the iPhone's price without the expensive contract.

Visit the CECT A8+ Product Review Website by clicking here to see video demonstrations, close up photos, unique features, and comparison buyer information about the iPhone. Rae Edwards is an internet technology research and writer.


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